STURDEVANTs Lost and Found

“It is very quiet here in the Dutchess Triangle….cold, dark…and no records.
Many of us have followed our search here, never to be heard from again.
We wait in silence, DNA taken, traced to none hitherto known….cold, dark, and very quiet.
Such is history in the remote wilderness…
We have chased the ghosts but now wait for them to catch us.“*

*by Jim Sturdevan whose search for his ancestors went cold in the Dutchess Triangle of New York.

This page is dedicated to the continuing pursuit of our missing ancestors: those cold, dark and silent STURDEVANT ghosts who have come and gone without leaving a trace.

If you have a “brickwall,” put their vitals and a contact person in a comment below and it will be recorded here.

Lost but not forgotten:

Elizabeth Sturdivant b. abt 1675 in Virginia; wife of Sloman Wynne b. June 1670 in Charles City, Virginia, d. 17 Dec 1761 in Sussex, Virginia.
Contact:  James Kitchen


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  1. Susan Sturdevant says:

    Reached a “dead-end”. No verifiable information known beyond below information.
    Marcus Commodore (C.M.) Sturdevant
    B. 29 May 1815 possibly in New York state
    D. 6 Jan 1870 Iowa County, WI
    Buried in Avoca WI
    Married Elvira Mellen Flora on 21 Jan 1841 in Lorain OH.

    He is my 3rd great-grandfather and am trying to trace backward to determine links to any/all Sturdevants. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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