Three lineages of STURDEVANTs have been identified. Each lineage is identified by a Y-DNA haplogroup. It is becoming increasingly difficult to identify lineages by surname spelling because the spelling often does not relate to a given lineage.

  • Haplogroup I-L22 (241510 terminal SNP)
    • descendants of William Sturdevant, c1650-1714
  • Haplogroup R-M269
    • descendants of Samuel L Sturtevant, 1622-1714
  • Haplogroup R-M512
    • descendants of Richard Sturdevant, 1804-1881

However, there are still a few unidentified STURDEVANT clusters not assigned to one of the above lineages:

  • Solomon Sturdevant (Sturdivant) 1794-1885
  • John Sturdevant 1796-1853

If you are a male patrilineal descendant of any of the above persons, please consider taking a simple discounted, Y-DNA test, preferably via FTDNA but any other provider is acceptable. If you test at FTDNA, join the Sturdevant DNA project and I will receive and post the test results. If you test at another provider, please notify me directly with the test results. A minimal Y-DNA test is at least 37 markers, however, 67 or 111 markers are preferred. Generally, 37 markers will place you within a specific lineage, but may not identify your position within that lineage.

Questions? Contact me or leave a comment, below.

Sorry ladies, this is for “STURDEVANT men only” but please convince your brother, father or uncle to take the simple cheek swab test. It will help our community.

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