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Not a member of The STURDEVANT DNA Project? Join now…

You may order a discounted* Y-DNA test through Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). Non-members who order through this link will receive membership in The STURDEVANT DNA Project. You will receive a kit number and a private account at FTDNA. Test results will be added to the Results pages and tracked along with other Y-DNA members.

If you are already a member of FTDNA and have a Kit number, you can receive a discount* for both new and upgrade orders:

  • first, login to your FTDNA account
  • then, click this link to order a Y-DNA test or to upgrade your current results to 37, 67 or 111 markers.

If not a member of FTDNA, click this link to order the discounted test and join both FTDNA and the STURDEVANT Y-DNA Project.

* discount as of February 1, 2015 is $20.00.

Y-DNA Testing Guidelines

Male members who want to track their paternal lineage should take one of the below Y-DNA tests. If previously tested to a lesser level, tests should be upgraded to the level indicated. Paternal lineage of tested male members will be actively recorded, researched and reported by the project.

  • 12 and 25 marker level: not recommended except as a new member starting level which is intended to be upgraded later (possibly as personal funds permit).
  • 37 marker level: okay; but not recommended unless a starter test for later upgrade.
  • 67 marker level: better; currently acceptable and usable, but may need to be upgraded in the future. Note: Because this level is not sufficient to determine a R-M269 subclade, the 111 marker test is recommended for persons who are tested R-M269 or are descendants of Samuel of MA.
  • 111 marker level: recommended; provides sufficient detail to identify and differentiate lineages within our project.

mtDNA Testing Guidelines

Female members with a paternal or maternal STURDEVANT lineage may take the mtDNA test. Test results will be recorded and displayed in The STURDEVANT DNA Project but will not be actively researched. However, members may use the forums and other resources for their own research.

Family Finder (atDNA) Testing Guidelines

Other family members and researchers: atDNA tests and other tests of non-STURDEVANT surnames will not be tracked by this project. Other family members and researchers are welcome to join The Sturdy Tree on an individual basis. As an exception, male non-STURDEVANT surnames with a STURDEVANT Y-DNA match are invited to join The STURDEVANT DNA Project. Non-STURDEVANT Y-DNA members will be recorded but not tracked. Matching Y-DNA means these surnames were likely united at some point in the pre-genealogical past. Perhaps we can find a connection!

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