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September 30, 2018 –The results of the H1943 upgrade were posted a few weeks ago; nothing unexpected but will give us more data for future analysis. I said “a few weeks ago” because The Sturdy Tree was hacked and off-line for awhile. Back online, I have reconstructed the website and I hope all is present. Some pages still need to be updated. Let me know if you see any problems. I’ve also put the I-L22 Clan Family Tree (draft) online and it is almost ready but data not yet confirmed. Take a look at the Genealogy menu and send me comments or recommendations.

July 20, 2018 – Still more I-L22 good news. Member H1943 has upgraded from the 37 to the 111 marker test (see here). I don’t anticipate a major update for H1943 but he does present a mutation at DYS712 that may prove interesting. We need more 67/111 tests. Other news includes an update to my Big-Y and our possible “Swedish Connection.” None of this is posted but I will try to get all posted soon. Life gets in the way…sigh.

March 2, 2018 – More I-L22 good news. We have a new I-L22 member who shares I-FGC28756 with H1011 and whose ancestors hail from Sweden which supports the I-L22 ancestral Nordic likelihood. The Results page is updated but analysis still pending. I have also stopped using the I-L22-241510 temporary identifier for the William SturDEvant cluster since some members are outside that criteria. Now I’m off to brush-up on my Swedish…

January 2, 2018 – Happy New Year to our members and guests. 2018 may be the harbinger of DNA good news. It appears that the new standard Y-DNA reference genome (hg38) has shaken loose some additional data for the I-L22-241510 cluster (the William Sturdevants). FGC28756 has been identified as the terminal SNP for H1011. Unfortunately, there is little additional information to be found at this time so I can not determine if that SNP represents the 241510 cluster or just H1011. More as it becomes available…

October 18, 2017 – Updated R-M269 results for 111 marker test of  SturTEvant member (760588).

September 18, 2017 – Another new SturTEvant member (760588), a close relative of 683012 and 683013, see last entry. Also a belated posting of the 111 marker upgrade of 683013. We need more 67 and 111 marker upgrades for M-269.

July 25, 2017 – Two new SturTEvant members (683012 and 683013, both R-M269 lineage 1A) so an update to the haplotype table has been posted. Continuing the R-M269 analysis.

June 21, 2017 – Posted a current update of all project Y-DNA member haplotypes for I-L22-241510, R-M269 and R-M512. Each Haplogroup is further identified by genetic lineage. We have a new member (672037) in I-L22-241510. Also began a lineage analysis of R-M269 (the SturTEvant spelling).

June 13, 2017I-L22-241510 Update #2 for the SturDEvant cluster is published and provides some unexpected results. There is a matching discussion topic in the member’s forum. Now, more than ever, WE NEED YOUR STURDEVANT Y-DNA! Questions: contact me.

April 11, 2017 – Currently working on Update #2 to the I-L22-241510 cluster. We now have 14 haplotypes for comparison and analysis. IF YOU ARE A STURDEVANT, JOIN OUR PROJECT AND HELP IDENTIFY YOUR MISSING ANCESTORS. WE NEED YOUR STURDEVANT Y-DNA! Questions: contact me.

02/22/2017 – Much the same as last update but added and refined 241510 information. The I-L22-241510 lineage diagram will be of interest to the descendants of William and Justus. If sufficient data is available,  expect to add a similar diagram for the descendants of Samuel of Massachusetts (R-M269).

02/10/2017 – The site is up but not yet well organized or complete. My apologies for the time performing site maintenance. New posts include Y-DNA analysis of the I-L22-241510 subclade and the Sturdevant cluster of that subclade. The info may be found on the DNA Project menu.

10/11/2016 – Welcome to a new member, a Y-DNA STURDEVANT, kit Number 544748 and descendant of Justus Sturtevant b. 1741. You can view his haplotype on the Classic and Colorized Results pages. We now have enough data available for initial analysis…more to come.

06/11/2016 -Still waiting with nothing new of significance to report. There have been two other members of I-L22* since my last update, but, neither had exact Sturdevant Y-DNA and they moved on to different I-L22 branches.

04/26/2016 – Not really a DNA update, but today (sound the trumpets) we have our 50th member who descends from John III. A long wait since my last update but everything still current and valid. Unfortunately, there is nothing new to report. It is a waiting game and I hope to be around when Williams father is found!

07/14/2015 – Posted BigY Report of H1011; significant to the descendants of William Sturdevant of Norwalk. Note: data visibility is restricted to project members.

06/10/2015 -Posted Haplogroup I-L22 analysis; significant to the descendants of William Sturdevant of Norwalk.

04/11/2015 -Important update of R-M269 analysis. This will be of interest to the descendants of Samuel Sturtevant.

04/10/2015 – The BigY analysis results are in but they are big and scary so don’t wait up: posting will take awhile.

04/09/2015 – FTDNA has granted membership to a former DNA Heritage customer who will join our group as soon as his records can be located.

03/18/2015 -Test results for kit H1967 were received and project updated. In addition, received notification that FTDNA is returning to previous method of haplogroup prediction. As a result, haplogroups for kits H1967 and 47400 were updated to R-M269.

03/11/2015 – In the past week, FTDNA has lost and then restored the Big-Y results for kit H1011. Today, the associated data file (BAM file; 450 Mb) was forwarded to for analysis. Expected completion time is three to four weeks.

03/06/2015 -Panel 2 results are in for H1967; panel 1 still incomplete and FTDNA is checking. It is still premature but H1967 is most likely R-M269 as Panel 2 matches that subclade.

03/03/2015 -Big-Y results are in for kit H1011. As expected, the subclade for this kit and other haplogroup I1 members remains somewhere far out on a yet unidentified twig of the L22 branch. For further subclade identification, the test results will be downloaded and forwarded for analysis when the BAM file becomes available at FTDNA.

02/22/2015 – Invited three non-STURDEVANT individuals (surnames: Case, Perry and Tonge) with similar haplotype I1 to join our project and the haplogroup “I1” project.

02/13/2015 – We asked FTDNA to correct a problem with test results for kit H1967. FTDNA will reprocess original order.

02/05/2015 – Added members to appropriate haplogroup projects; email notifications to members.

01/01/2015 – Bob Sturdevant volunteered as project administrator; plans separate website as part of STURDEVANT surname project (to be published).

12/27/2014 – Big-Y pending for kit H1011 ….. results expected before 3/18/2015 with analysis to follow.

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