Hg R-M269 Wives and Daughters

This page provides a direct maternal lineage for each of the female descendants whose mothers were married to a R-M269 STURDEVANT. These maternal lineages are identified by mtDNA. They follow the direct maternal lineage through ancestors and descendants of the wife of a Sturtevant ancestor. These mtDNA lineages are not easily tracked since the maiden name (surname) of the mother changes with each marriage.

If you have similar direct maternal lineage information, please submit the data to the site Administrator so that it may be published on this page.

H3-T152C haplogroup – maternal lineage of 250335:

  • Ann Lee [Unknown], b. about 1625 ?, m. Samuel Sturtevant, d. 30 March 1697, Plymouth, MA or 12 Sept. 1716, Plympton, MA, daughter of Robert Lee and Mary Atwood? Mother of:
  • Mary Sturtevant, b. Plymouth, MA, 7 Dec 1651 or 1654, m. Ephraim Little, d. 10 Feb. 1717, Scituate, Plymouth, MA, mother of:
  • Anna Little, b. Marshfield, Plymouth, MA, 23 Aug. 1673, m. Thomas Gray, d. 16 Oct. 1706, Little Compton, Newport, RI. Mother of:
  • Rebecca Gray, b. Little Compton, RI, 1 Aug. 1704, m. John Pabodie, d. after 23 Oct. 1772. Mother of:
  • Elizabeth Pabodie, b. Little Compton, Newport, RI, 5 Dec. 1723, m. John Bailey, d. 5 Sept. 1802, Little Compton, Newport, RI. Mother of:
  • Dorothy Bailey, b. Little Compton, Newport, RI, 25 Aug, 1751, m. Nathaniel Ephraim Walker, d. 17 Jan 1833, Tiverton, Newport, RI, or Dighton, MA. Mother of:
  • Sarah Walker, b. Dighton, MA, 14 May, 1792, m. James Crane, d. 5 Feb. 1843, Dighton, MA. Mother of:
  • Sarah Crane, b. Dighton, MA, about 1819, m. Seth Codding, d. 4 Jan. 1894, New Bedford, MA. Mother of:
  • Sarah A. Codding, b. Dighton, MA, 1843, m. Holder White Potter, d. Feb. 24, 1900, Dartmouth, MA. Mother of:
  • Abby May Potter, b. Dartmouth, MA, 22 Sept. 1867, m. William H. Edwards of Mattapoisett, MA d. 1949.

H1q haplogroup – maternal lineage of 175373:

  • Martha [Unknown], m.John Taylor. Mother of:
  • Martha Taylor, b.? EN, m.John Miles , d. 1890 AU. Mother of:
  • Caroline Miles, b.1826 EN, m.Samuel Jeffs, d.1909, AU. Mother of:
  • Mary Caroline Jeffs, b.1850 AU, m.Edward Josiah Westley, d.1912, AU
  • Irene Victoria Westley, b.1887 AU, m.Gordon Ernest Augustus Sturtevant, d. 1986 AU. Mother of:
  • Alice Maud Sturtevant, b. 1932 AU, m.Alan Keith Arnold, d.2004 AU. Mother of 175373.

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