Hg I-L22 Wives and Daughters

This page provides a direct maternal lineage for each of the female descendants whose mothers were married to an I-L22 STURDEVANT. These maternal lineages are identified by mtDNA. They follow the direct maternal lineage through ancestors and descendants of the wife of a Sturdevant ancestor. These mtDNA lineages are not easily tracked since the maiden name (surname) of the mother changes with each marriage.

If you have similar direct maternal lineage information, please submit the data to the site Administrator so that it may be published on this page.

U5a1h haplogroup – maternal lineage of H1011:

  • Cynthia Denny, b.1813 KY, m.Daniel Miller, d.1894, OR. Mother of:
  • Adaline Miller, b.1842 IL, m.William Riley Mills, d.1927 OR. Mother of:
  • Julia Ann Mills, b.1874 OR, m.George William Rhoads, d.1921 WA. Mother of:
  • Esther Mae Rhoads, b.1900 WA, m.James Samuel Clements, d.1994 WA. Mother of:
  • Mae Roseanne Clements, b.1922, m.Clinton Theodore Sturdevant, d.2004 VA. No daughter.

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