FTDNA Project Browsers

Here are links to the various FTDNA Y-DNA projects of potential STURDEVANT interest. If you are a member of the project, search (Ctl-F) for your FTDNA kit number. You might also be interested in other related information available on that website. If you cannot find your kit number, it may be due to public viewing restrictions on your FTDNA profile setting. Each link will open in a new tab.

Some of the project databases are very large and take a long time to load into your browser. Click the desired link to open in a new page or tab. If the new tab has multiple pages, try the following:

  1. After the page has loaded, change the Page Size to 7,000 or larger.
  2. Click the Markers drop down to cause the page to reload.
  3. After the page fully loads, search (Ctrl-F) for your kit number.

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