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A One Name Study and Y-DNA Project

The Sturdy Tree is a One-Name Study of the STURDEVANT surname, including spelling variations. Other common names for this type of study are Surname Project and Single-Name Study. The Sturdy Tree is a venue to promote genealogical research of the several STURDEVANT surnames. It is not a family history website and it does not publish any particular family pedigree. The Sturdy Tree is a centralized resource to enable research of any of the STURDEVANT family surnames.

The scope of The Sturdy Tree is very broad. The project is not restricted to persons who are biologically related. An important genetic project (The STURDEVANT DNA Project) is included with Y-DNA and mtDNA components. Neither is the scope restricted geographically or chronologically. Among other research, the study will look back into pre-genealogical times to discover the roots of the family surnames and patriarchs. As the website grows, the mission is expected to grow to include functions requested by the members.

At The Sturdy Tree, as a community, we share genealogical research efforts and benefit both individually and collectively. Members support the Honor Code of The Sturdy Tree. Simply, the goal of The Sturdy Tree is to become a one-stop access point for all things STURDEVANT.

The Sturdy Tree is owned and administered by Robert W. Sturdevant. He is seen as kit H1011 or as YF03182 on this website.


The mission of The Sturdy Tree is to create, host, support and maintain accurate and useful genetic and genealogical research information about the STURDEVANT patriarchs (and their families) who immigrated to the New World. The Sturdy Tree will offer narrative family trees, DNA studies and forums and other appropriate venues for use by the descendants of each family patriarch. Members work together to create an on-line STURDEVANT genealogy source that will benefit the STURDEVANT community. New STURDEVANT patriarchs will be added as they are identified.

Genetic Studies (Under Construction)

The STURDEVANT DNA Project is a member-supported DNA surname project that collects and analyses STURDEVANT genetic information to assist project participants in genealogical research. The project will enhance genealogical information through the study of genetics related to STURDEVANT families. Members use genetic analysis to identify relationships with other project members and then use that knowledge to help identify ancestral relationships. For this reason, project membership is limited to STURDEVANT family members. We will track Y-DNA and mtDNA for male and female members, respectively. Others may visit and observe as access to both The Sturdy Tree and The STURDEVANT DNA Project are open to the public.

Narrative Family Trees (Under Construction)

The narrative family trees are provided by members of The Sturdy Tree. Each family tree is dedicated to an immigrant STURDEVANT patriarch and his descendants. They are narrative trees because they relate the story of past events. The reports are created from a genealogy database owned and managed by descendants of each patriarch and published by The Sturdy Tree. Narrative content is determined by a descendant of the patriarch. These reports may be created by any of several genealogy family tree software programs. If your program does not offer web (HTML) output, a GEDCOM file may be provided to the website administrator for conversion to HTML and upload to the website.

Forums (Under Construction)

Forums provide a general discussion venue for use by project members to assist with their research. A forum is dedicated to each STURDEVANT patriarch and for use by researchers. Other forums for general topics are also available. Forum participation is available only to project members but the forums may be viewed by the general public.

Blog (Under Construction)

The blog at The Sturdy Tree will provide a venue for discussion of all things related to operation and administration of the website. For example, activities, tutorials, news and status updates. The blog will provide a venue for members to comment on that topic. Comments are available only to project members but the blog may be viewed by the general public.

Tools (Under Construction)

The Sturdy Tree will provide tools or links to tools that will assist genealogical and/or genetic research.

More to come . . .comments?

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