I-L22-241510 A New Subclade

A haplogroup is a group of persons descended from a common ancestor as evidenced by specific SNP mutations. The I-L22-241510 haplogroup is derived from lineages of both Sturdevant and non-Sturdevant surnames. I-L22-241510 is a temporary identifier of a haplogroup having a modal haplotype with allele values shown in the following table. Each value is “modal,” that is, each value represents the most common number of repeats at that specific marker. Since I-L22 was formed about 4100 ybp (years before present), we know that the 241510 subclade is younger. A more exact age will likely become known when a terminal SNP is identified.

The I-L22-241510 modal haplotype as identified by Professor Nordtvedt:

DYS390 DYS391 DYS385a DYS385b DYS389ii DYS447 DYS449 DYS464d DYS442 DYS406 DYS511 DYS413b
23 11 14 15 29 24 30 15 11 10 10 24

The name I-L22-241510 was coined by it’s founder, Professor Kenneth Nordtvedt, as a yet-to-be-identified subclade of I-L22. Current breadth of testing is not yet sufficient to identify a terminal SNP for formal recognition so we will continue to use “I-L22-241510” or just “241510” as the identifier of our Sturdevant cluster. The ISOGG defines the identification and validation requirements for haplogroup inclusion on their haplogroup tree.

Of these values, the first nine are contained in test panel #1 (markers 1-37) while the last three are part of test panel #2 (markers 38-67). The repeat values are modal, that is, they are the most common number of repeats but the actual number may vary (usually ±1). As more members test to a greater level, test panel #3 (markers 68-111) may provide additional identifying Sturdevant cluster markers.

Professor Nordtvedt also identified several non-Sturdevant surnames that may belong to our subclade: Averhart (21996), Douglas Benson (262869), Cline (10122), Case (N58540), Creef, Filmer, Gilbreath, King, Lewis (N55121), Mason, Barbara Perry McLaurin (N37139), Meyer (adopted), Newcombe, Perry, Tonge (U5X92), Rush. As members of the same haplogroup, William Sturdevant and these individuals are known to share a distant, but as yet unknown, most recent common ancestor (MRCA).

The I-L22-241510 modal haplotype of the Sturdevant surname cluster:

DYS390 DYS391 DYS385a DYS385b DYS389ii DYS447 DYS449 DYS464d DYS442 DYS406 DYS511 DYS413b
23 11 14 16 29 24 30 15 11 10 10 24

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